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Environmentally friendly and sustainable productsPVCu is increasing its market share in the commercial sector as businesses look for cost-effective and energy efficient alternatives to aluminium windows and doors. Make sure you’re specifying the best products for the job by choosing Dekko Window Systems.

We manufacture a range of high quality Kommerling and Deceuninck PVCu products that can be used for a variety of projects. For example, our PVCu tilt and turn windows are perfect for windows in areas that are hard to reach from the outside such as multi-storey buildings or buildings with limited space between them.

Equally, all of the products we offer are fantastically rated for energy efficiency and meet strict regulations, making them suitable for different areas and types of property (see the variety of official documentation at the bottom of this page.)

Technical information on all of our PVCu products is available when you need it, so you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when specifying PVCu windows and doors for commercial projects.

For technical information regarding our Timber effect PVCu and PVCu windows and doors please visit the following pages within our site:

Deceuninck PVCu windows and doors
Kommerling PVCu windows and doors
Residence 9 timber effect windows and doors
Solidor Composite doors

Certification and window energy rating documentation

  Description   Download
  Certification for CMS 90009   Download   (265KB)
  EN 14351 Performance document   Download   (39KB)
  EN 14351 Declaration of performance certificate   Download   (40KB)
  Dekko 2800 series – A rated   Download   (222KB)
  Dekko 2500 series – A rated   Download   (222KB)
  Dekko 2800 series – C rated   Download   (223KB)
  Dekko 2500 series – C rated   Download   (223KB)
  Dekko C70 – A rated   Download   (637KB)
  Dekko C70 – C rated   Download   (638KB)
  Dekko O70 – A rated   Download   (637KB)
  Dekko O70 – C rated   Download   (640KB)

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